For knowing the processing Role of processing within the coffee value chain: from producers to consumers. History of coffee processing.

We try to support coffee communities and the farmers at origin with making direct trade culture, that know how to produce quality coffee, are linked to a market that recognizes quality, and values it accordingly. That is why we have coffee Processing articles, for knowing all stages of competencies around coffee processing. Through this part, we will provide a highly scientific and technical approach to processing coffee that improves quality, standardized procedures, increases competitiveness, reduces risk, and creates a system that can be trusted throughout the supply chain and more more work on how we can improve direct trade relationship. At its core, this program works to lift status of trained coffee processors who are able to add value through differentiating coffee through processing techniques for going to the farm and help them or also buy a small place and try to make competition between them for pushing up their market. Trying to make more relationship in this step is so important topic and it will contribute to push the entire industry forward.

Develop Core Competencies Of Coffee Processing For Different Actors In The Supply Chain, Including Mill Operators And Managers have effect on Deeply Scientific Understanding Of Coffee Processing To Consistently Improve Quality And Reduce Risk.

We envisage an industry where coffee buyers are informed with a scientifically founded basis for understanding and communicating about processing with their producing partners; Where professional coffee processors have the knowledge to streamline product consistency, innovate to improve quality, and manipulate coffee flavor in a controlled and predictable way to add value to their products; Where expert processors act as conduits to the scientific community and push the science and research forward in an informed and applied method. Some steps is super important in this chain as :

  1. Processing History of specific farm
  2. How they improve The Fruits
  3. Coffee Processing Method Classification
  4. The Processing Style of each origin
  5. Compare the different process in Cuppings.
  6. Biology Of Fermentation And How This Applies In Coffee Processing
  7. Coffee Drying, Focusing On Water In A Seed And How It Is Removed
  8. Challenges And The experimental Coffee Processing
  9. Pulping And Calibration of equipment
  10. Longer and faster Fermentation with and without fertilizer
  11. Mucilage effect
  12. Drying By Processing Type
  13. Refermentation and pre-fermentation
  14. Storage, Dry-Milling, And Processing-Generated Defects
  15. Integrated Quality Control In Processing

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Saeed Abdinasab

Saeed Abdinasab

Coffee Instructor (AST) & (Q)


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