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Specialty Coffee Consulting

Specialty Coffee Consulting

What I am offering is that with my experience and knowledge, you can start your coffee roastery with a sustainable, scalable, and top-notch coffee program. So with well-documented practice programs, educating, managing and purchasing machines/equipment for one of the top roasting companies all around Asia and the Middle East we can bring a plethora of knowledge and connections to your projects. All consulting packages can be customized to fit your needs but areas include for coffee roastery:

  • Writing personalized training manuals and procedures.
  • Specialty Coffee Consulting via experts in
  • Training sessions with a staff base on the SCA coffee program.
  • Hiring and interviewing potential staff.
  • Machine + equipment testing with potential purchasing.
  • Designing coffee programs from roasters and account relationships to menu design.
  • Packaging, workflow and selling plan.
  • How to find good green coffee.
  • Branding + Social media templates and advice.
  • Merchandise and product purchasing with education for staff on sales techniques and specific specs.

And more! Reach out for more information about specialty consulting and how we can design milestones, quotes, and a tailored package to fit your business needs, but in the end, what does a consultation with me look alike? In short, there’s no set format; every client has different needs. For example, a client with an older roasting company who wants to implement and use modern roasting software seems very different from teaching a new company to how to set up and operate a cafe or a roastery. What business need is a location, and schedule will all play a part, but in general, you can assume it will involve some emails, phone calls, skype, or in-person visits, and then finally I will come to you and start training in your place. If you’re looking for more insight into one version of a typical consulting job, I also offer below items:

  • Roasting machines consulting.
  • General consulting.
  • Cafe planning.
  • Request a consulting for your related business.

Who will be in charge of your project

Saeed Abdinasab is a coffee value chain and trade promotion expert with ten years of experience. He has advised public and private sector of coffee industry stakeholders in more than 10 countries in Asia and Africa to increase the value of coffee through improvements in policy, capacity, and market access. Most of his work is focusing on sustainable improvements benefiting rural smallholder coffee farmers.

Saeed has managed and held senior roles in private and donor-funded coffee value chain projects for improving processing and training farmers and their production in Asia and Africa(India, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda). As a consultant to private businesses, he has provided quality training and business consultancy services for coffee importing/trading and roasting companies worldwide.

Saeed is a Trainer of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) as an AST, the world’s largest coffee trade association. He is also a Q arabica grader for the Coffee Quality Institute.

Our strategy in consulting is to find a way to empower you to make the decisions you need to make and to solve the more complex problems. We also strive to find a comfortable way of executing the consulting transaction that suits your management style. We find that most consulting services we offer fall into the following categories:

  • Market Development.
  • Roastery Development.
  • Green Coffee Market Development.
  • Training.
  • Market Development Offerings, research, and expansion.
  • Promotion tactical planning.
  • Media metrics.
  • Media mix development and continuity.
  • Go-To marketing plans.
  • Demographic identity and analysis.
  • Site selection.
  • Layout service.
  • Operations manual development.
  • Process control.
  • Green coffee sourcing.
  • Blend development.
  • Wholesale market strategies.
  • Roasting and operations training.
  • Market expansion.
  • Green Coffee Market Development.
  • Importing and warehouse strategies.
  • Lot evaluation and Pre-Q certification analysis.
  • Roaster outreach (Market Expansion).
  • Direct Relationship services.
  • Farm development strategies.


  • Online roast-curve analysis
  • Cafe planning, layout, and design
  • On-site roaster training for beginners and experienced roasters
  • Advice on purchasing and installing roasting machines

REQUEST for online support using WhatsApp or web form directly from The price depends on your project.

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Saeed Abdinasab

Saeed Abdinasab

Coffee Instructor (AST) & (Q)


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