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once the specialty coffee beans reach the retail environment, they have already passed 3 levels of inspection to ensure an extremely high level of quality control, however the process is not yet complete. the barista, who may be had some educational class, or experimental experience for many years and work as a barista behind the bar , is the final coffee professional to guarantee the life cycle of the specialty coffee bean is completed. specialty level baristas are not only highly skilled in brewing equipment operations or espresso machine; they routinely are deeply informed as to the origin of the coffee bean and how it’s flavor profiles will be revealed in brewing. if the specialty bean is not brewed properly it is possible that its true flavor potential could be lost; the barista ensures each bean reaches its full brewed promise. And the important part is how they can promote and present this journey to the last cycle.. customer.

Costumer, The most Important part
Whether you’re operating in a culture new to specialty coffee, or simply with guests who are experiencing it for the first time, the customer’s expectations matter. What you present as a “black coffee” may be very different to what they think a black coffee will be – so make sure that you tell its story.Explain how this brew is different. Why is it prepared like this? What notes have you showcased? What will the customer taste? Present this coffee as a chef would present their dish – you will be helping your guest to understand what they’re about to taste, and also make it more exciting for them when they recognize the flavors you described. in fact, it is the consumer who completes the cycle of the all coffee, the one who pay your salary.  bean by actively seeking out and choosing specialty coffee options. when you take the time to find a local coffee bar or roastery that is dedicated to quality, or take an extra moment to learn from your barista about the people whose hands and passion produced the cup you’re enjoying so that you can make more informed choices, you demonstrate not only a commitment to a higher standard of quality of taste and flavor but also a commitment to a higher standard of living for every person who contributed along the way.It’s important to not just present the coffee, but also listen to your guest’s thoughts. Of course, this goes for anything that you offer in your coffee shop – but it’s more important than ever when the customer is trying something new. They may have never had an experience like this before. Asking about their experience not only gives you valuable feedback, but also makes them feel welcomed and supported. In turns, this makes the coffee experience even sweeter. From my experience, if everything is done well, most people will enjoy their coffee. However, there will be times when your guest may feel blasé or even negatively about it. In this case, remember, it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the whole experience. Maintain a positive expression, hear them out, and learn from what they have to say. Baristas are there to make their guests feel happy and appreciated, so even if someone didn’t enjoy their brew, make sure they enjoy their visit.  I truly believe that the best brew for someone is the one they enjoy the most. However, it is our job as coffee professionals to show our customers the diversity of tastes and aromas that is possible. What’s more, through doing so, we enable them to discover new coffees that they will enjoy even more.THIS IS HOW SPECIALTY COFFEE CHAIN WORK.

Grader, Buyer

in this stage direct trading is the most incredible thing which can help to the farmers to get real price for what they doing, green coffee is next step to the green coffee buyer who may be certified coffee taster or the coffee quality institute (CQI) as a licensed Q grader. they have a palate as distinguished as a sommelier and can keenly identify coffee quality via cupping, or systematic tasting of brewed coffees. through cupping, the coffee taster can assess a coffee’s score and determine whether it is specialty grade quality, make decisions on which coffees they will include in their offerings, and often develop tasting notes and descriptions for the coffee on its final packaging. the green coffee buyer has a large role in communicating the information about a coffee to the roaster and café staff.


You can make purple or green from blue but you can not make pink from black, don’t forget coffee is the same as color and coffee roasting is the same as working with color, other issue is .coffee roasters need high quality general coffee skills who may be certified by any class or camp to completed numerous hours of coursework and hands-on training to skillfully roast the specialty bean or just a person who have to many years of experience to roast the coffee and work with all the variables. coffee roasting is an super dangerous work and art that requires a high degree of knowledge and experience to produce specialty level roast profiles. coffee must be closely monitored during the roasting process and scientific principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics and coffee chemistry must be applied to ensure the highest standard of quality and flavor come through in the final roasted bean.

The Coffee Producer

specialty coffee starts with the producer or farmer whose family likely has spent generations perfecting their approach to farming the highest quality coffee possible. grown in select altitudes and climates and nursed for years before the first harvest, the people and farmers who creates specialty coffee devotes his or her life to refining and perfecting the highest quality coffee on the planet. for them, it is about quality not quantity that is the most important consideration. only coffees free of defects and picked at their peak of ripeness can be able to call it specialty coffee.


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